All Levels Flow

All Levels flow is a vinyasa class that incorporates a variety of poses geared towards strengthening and energizing the mind and body. Students should expect to gain insights into their own alignment and biomechanics. All experience levels are welcome.

Baptiste Hot Yoga

Baptiste inspired power yoga is a 60 minute class focused on movement and flow. The room is heated to 90 degrees to allow for deeper and more intense poses. All levels are welcome.

Candlelight Vinyasa

Our Candlelit Vinyasa class is an invigorating yet relaxing class where students will flow through an assortment of poses geared towards finding mental and physical balance. Candles and low light allow for a peaceful ambiance.

Hip Hop HIIT Yoga

This energetic class combines upbeat music, yoga, dynamic movement and high-intensity cardio for a more athletic approach to yoga. You’ll build lean muscle, increase strength and improve flexibility.

Hot Power Yoga

This all-levels class combines breath and movement to create to challenge for every practitioner. Expect equal parts strength and flexibility, along with creative sequencing inspired by Baron Baptiste. The room will be heated to 90 degrees and hands-on assists will be given.

Yoga Sculpt

Do you love to sweat? Sculpt is the class for you! Sculpt combines yoga with upbeat music & weights. You will flow through a vinyasa class and incorporate cardio, squat & plank sequences. Studio is kept at 90 degrees.

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