What do I need to bring to class?

All you will need is a yoga mat

What if I do not have a yoga mat?

We have a small number of yoga mats that are available at no additional cost that you are more than welcome to use.

Does the HIIT Yoga Class include a dancing component?

Nope! This energetic class combines upbeat music, yoga, dynamic movement and high-intensity cardio for a more athletic approach to yoga. You’ll build lean muscle, increase strength and improve flexibility. But, if you feel like dancing no one will judge you and maybe others will join you!

What is this 2 week intro offer all about?

Our 2 week new student special is meant to allow new students to get a feel for what Blue Circle Yoga is all about. When you purchase a 2 week new student offer, the two week period will begin on the date of your first class, not the sale date. We encourage new students to try out as many classes as they can.

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